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The Paranormal in NC

Ghosts, Southern Style

The Paranormal in North Carolina
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This community is to discuss paranormal areas in the state of North Carolina and also maybe one day start paranormal investigations, similar to those done on the Sci-Fi TV show Ghost Hunters. The show and the group TAPS are not affiliated with this community, I am just a fan of the show and their methods. North Carolina is an old state with a lot of "haints" and if you have a ghost story, this is the place to tell it.

Here are a few guidelines to make it all a little more pleasant:
1. Please respect one another. We don't all have the same opinions, but we should all respect one another, so no flaming. If you have a personal issue with another member, keep it personal. If for some reason drama erupts in a post, leave it in that post. Don't make new posts fueling the drama or troll another member's journal. Don't bring anyone else into. Basically, act like an adult. Discussions are great, disagreement is great, but arguing over the internet is not great.
2. All off topic posts must be behind a cut. If you're unsure how to do a cut, please consult this page of the LJ FAQ.
3. Pictures are welcome, please put them behind a cut to save everyone's friends pages. See the above link for a cut procedure. Please do flame people about their photos. Also, please understand that simply stating an opinion is not an attack.
4. No pro-mos unless it is a PARANORMAL community or website.