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The Paranormal in NC
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
8:59 pm
Hello, new member here. It looks like this community never got off the ground, but I'm very interested in its subject matter.

I'm Dylan. I grew up in the Uwharrie foothills. I attended Guilford College, which has woods areas still standing from the times of the Civil War. Guilford's woods were part of the Underground Railroad. Also, Guilford's Dana Auditorium and Mary Hobbs Hall (the dorm in which I lived for three of my four years at college) are haunted. I believe several other buildings on campus are, as well. 

I will post more detail at some time.
Monday, November 6th, 2006
1:35 am
I was at work one night and talking to my Sergeants (I work for a Police department) about the spooky places on our campus. The one guy is new, so he didn't have any stories, but the other guy, Jeff, has been here for about 8 years.
It was funny to hear him talk, he's this big guy, a body-builder, kind of he-man type, but you could tell what he's seen and heard has given him the heebie-jeebies. There's this one dorm in what we call "central campus" that's a high rise. During holiday times, the officers have to do walk throughs to make sure everything is okay. He said he was inside the building and heard something walking up and down the stairwells. The building was locked up over break and no one was he there. He didn't tell anyone, but the next break, he said one of our other guys, Jason, starts telling Jeff HE heard the same stuff in the same stairwell. Same conditions, the building was locked down for break. So Jeff and Jason go in together to the south stairwell and they just stand there. Jeff said they let the door close and just waited. He said he turned to Jason and said something about how nothing was going to happen now that they were both in there and then they started here something on the stairs.
And now he's reluctant to go into that building when it's empty.
He also told me about the Theater on our campus and what he's seen in there. This is actually pretty popular, as I heard stories way back in the day when I was a student taking theater classes (13 years ago). The professors and directors working in the theater say it's haunted. Our theater was originally the gym of the University and apparently the ghost is an athlete. He's been spotted on the indoor track area that is now the catwalk. Officers responding to alarms from the building go in and find props and costumes strewn all about (the theater "people" talked about this as well). And the building just gives some people the overall feeling of the creeps. You know that feeling, like something's there and it weighs on you like a blanket. Nothing happens, but there's this feeling of waiting for it.
I love hearing the stories of what the officers see. I'd love to be able to investigate some of it.

So come on you guys, what's your stories?!
1:33 am
Well, I have no pictures... but I have plenty of stories. :)
The most chilling, so far, have been at work. I work for NC state's university police. We recently moved to a new building, but the old one is the original Field House for the Wolfpack. The parking lot at that building is the old football field. They recently tore the stadium down. :( I would often hear footsteps upstairs and I used to see shadowy figures walking around on the upstairs landing. I also used to hear all kinds of noises. I once saw a shadowy figure walk from one room to another. The area I worked in was 3 rooms set up shotgun style, with one room shooting off the middle room, but next to the last room. I saw the figure walk from the very back room into the other room shooting off the middle room. When I checked the room, there was no one there, which I expected, since you couldn't get back there without either walking past me or making the back door beep. No one went past me and the door didn't beep. I also heard a static noise coming from an intercom one night at 4am. No one else was in the building and the intercom system (similar to those used in high schools) was no longer in use and hadn't been for a long time. The controls for it were locked away in the chief's office.

Another crazy thing that happened was at my parents' house last year. My stepdad has seen and heard things all his life and since they've moved into their house, he's said he's heard voices, like a radio or TV talk show. He's heard it when he's been home alone, the radio wasn't on, the TV was in another part of the house and there was nothing to make that noise. I didn't quite believe him until I heard it one day at lunch. And I was the only one hearing it. He didn't hear it at that time and my mother didn't, although they've both heard it and knew exactly what I was talking about. Their house was built in the late 70s, only three families have lived there and nothing untoward happened in the house that we know of. So I think whatever it is either followed Jim or is tied to the land.
1:30 am
Welcome to the paranormal in NC, a new and improved LJ community dedicated to discussing the paranormal in north carolina! I've lived in NC my whole life. I've always been interested in the paranormal, so I decided to make a community for likeminded individuals in my area. I'm eventually interested in starting a ghost hunting group, or joining one, but for now, I want to hear you stories. So come on in and share your stories and pictures.
Here are a few guidelines to make it all a little more pleasant:
1. Please respect one another. We don't all have the same opinions, but we should all respect one another, so no flaming. If you have a personal issue with another member, keep it personal. If for some reason drama erupts in a post, leave it in that post. Don't make new posts fueling the drama or troll another member's journal. Don't bring anyone else into. Basically, act like an adult. Discussions are great, disagreement is great, but arguing over the internet is not great.
2. All off topic posts must be behind a cut. If you're unsure how to do a cut, please consult this page of the LJ FAQ.
3. Pictures are welcome, please put them behind a cut to save everyone's friends pages. See the above link for a cut procedure. Please do flame people about their photos. Also, please understand that simply stating an opinion is not an attack.
4. No pro-mos unless it is a PARANORMAL community or website.

If you have any suggestions for added interests, please let me know.
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